P³ has it’s roots firmly in the Scottish town of Paisley and stems from Victorian times when a number of local ‘buddies’ set up a fund aimed at assisting those in need . Over the years the fund grew. However, it became increasingly difficult, within the Association’s Rules, to find genuine cases who would accept grant assistance.


In 2003 the Committee reviewed the aims and objectives to broaden the rules of the Association to better reflect the needs of today’s society. Since that point the Committee have worked hard to build a network to distribute the funds available to individuals through locally-based organisations which include, Accord Hospice, Renfrewshire Association for Mental Health, the Renfrewshire Education Trust and the Star Project.


Currently the Committee consists of six members and three officers all with local connections. It’s Chairman, James Lang, is a Director of Scottish Leather Group Ltd which has a base in the town. He is also the third generation of his family to serve as Chairman. Vice Chairman is Hugh Gilmour, recently retired Managing Director of WJ & W Lang Ltd, Tanners and one of the oldest manufacturing businesses in Paisley. Legal, Secretarial and Treasury services are provided by Graham Murray of Wright Johnston & Mackenzie LLP.


Having ‘re-invented’ itself in 2003, to better meet the needs of society, now and in the future, P³ will continue distributing funds out of income. Plans are being developed to link with other like-minded organisations and public bodies to assess the possibility of undertaking additional, more substantial, projects that share the same core objectives. It is envisaged that this will require raising the Association’s profile and to commence fund-raising initiatives to meet the needs of the projects identified.

If you are interested in assisting in the future plans of the Association please contact the Secretary or any member of the Committee. Similarly, if you know of any individual, project or organisation which meets the Association’s Objectives and might benefit from funding please make an application to any member of the Committee.


James Lang


Hugh Gilmour

Vice Chairman

Graham Murray

Secretary & Treasurer


Joseph Beattie

Miss A G Cook

Mrs Marion Ford

Mrs Susan Lang

Colin McNaught

Roderick Morrison


P³ has a number of core objectives:


To relieve the poverty, promote the health and advance the education of those living in Paisley and the surrounding area who require assistance.


To co-operate with other like-minded charitable organisations in Paisley.


To support charitable appeals and projects for the benefit of the people of Paisley.


P³ currently has a managed investment portfolio. Through the Committee’s network of contacts, the income is distributed as seen fit to grant applicants, often made by applications from third parties acting, in confidence, on behalf of individuals.


The Committee also has the power to solicit donations, sponsorship, lottery funding and the like in pursuit of the Associations objectives.


    Know of someone who could do with a helping hand? Perhaps that someone is you? Use the form below to get in touch with our friendly committee who will get back to you as soon as they can!