Back to School Bank Paisley

Back to School Bank Paisley

James Lang, Chair, of ‘Providing for People in Paisley’ presented Lynne Gilday and volunteer Jamie-lee Dickson with sixty seven winter coats on 23rd February. James said,

“Back to School Bank Paisley highlighted an acute shortage of jackets. These insulated, waterproof coats will make a real difference to children turning up to school warm and dry.”

Back to School Bank Paisley was set up by Lynne. As a teacher she is acutely aware that having a new uniform impacts on a child’s confidence, and self -esteem, which in turn affects their ability to learn. Lynne said,

“Having a school uniform is something you tend to take for granted but kitting out a child in school uniform can be really expensive and lots of families are under severe financial pressure.”

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